3 Awesome Pest Control Photos

3 Awesome Pest Control Photos



Dallas Rat Removal Pics

Dallas Rat Removal Pics

Rapid Rodent Removal 11246 McCree Rd Dallas (469)609-7287

these guys have some of the coolest rodent removal photos not only in Dallas but on the internet, and Brian can tell a story give them a call. But the knowledge doesn’t stop there, Be it mouse, squirrel or rat control they can control it all, and take pics. Check out the blog the keep for more rodent information and materials.

Taxi Photo

Taxi Photo

5 reasons for hiring an expensive photographer

5 reasons for hiring an expensive photographer

The word ‘cheap’ sounds like something is lacking. When you buy something cheap, it means that you don’t care about that thing. There are some special moments in your life that care a lot about. So, to capture these moments, you need to hire an expensive photographer. Here are the reasons why.

Knowledge and experience


Expensive photographers are extremely skilled and experienced. The reason they charge high is because they are confident that people will hire them at a higher price for good photographs. This confidence has been gained over the years through good photography and positive feedback.

High quality equipment


These photographers use very high quality equipment. They use lots of accessories like lenses, filters, lighting equipment, etc. to make the photograph look better. They use the latest model of cameras having the latest technology.

Captures raw moments


A good photographer will make your photographs look natural. They will capture raw moments to make your special events memorable. You will be able to relive the moments by looking at these photographs.



Expensive photographers have backups in order to handle any kind of unwanted situation. They always carry backup cameras and lenses with them, in case one doesn’t function. They will make sure that your special moments are captured well at any cost. They even bring backup photographers with them in order to capture the entire event.

Quality photographs


The photographs you will get from these photographers will be of very high quality. They will create an album for you with the best photographs captured.

When it comes to special events like wedding or graduation, you shouldn’t compromise on the quality of photographs. These are photographs of moments that you will be cherishing throughout your life.

5 steps to become a photography expert

5 steps to become a photography expert

Photography can be a great career choice for anyone. This is one of the few fields where age and college degrees are not barriers. You need good observation skills, self discipline and quality product in order to become an expert photographer. Here are the steps to become a photography expert.

Develop photography skills

In order to become a better photographer, there is no ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ way. Some people prefer taking a photography class, whereas, others learn it by themselves. Whichever method you choose, you should work hard to achieve results.

Get the right equipment

You should get the right equipment in order to become an expert photographer. The kind of equipment you will need depends on the type of photography you intend to do. You will need one or two camera bodies and various lenses in order to capture photographs in different situations. You will need a photo editing software as well. You may need extra equipment for lighting. It is not necessary to get new equipment. You can buy used ones and ones of older models.

Know your camera

You should know your camera by heart. You should know about every setting. Read the camera manual from the beginning to the end in order to familiarize with your camera well.

Read books and magazines

Read photography books and magazines in order to learn aobut various photography tips and equipment. You should also learn about the various photo editing software.

Make a portfolio

For getting hired, you need to have a portfolio to show. Include photographs from multiples shoots with various subjects on the photographs you select for your portfolio.

These are the essential steps in becoming an expert photographer. Photography is a never ending process. So, even if you think you have become an expert photographer, you shouldn’t give up learning.

3 photography tips for amateur photographers

3 photography tips for amateur photographers

If you are an amateur photographer then you are still on your learning curve. You need to know these three essential tips on photography.

The rule of thirds

Photos look better if the subject is not centered. You will find grid option in most of the digital cameras today. You will find that the grid splits an image into 9 sections. Try to place the image on third line from the top, bottom, left or right. This is known as the rule of thirds. This will make your composition better.

Change your elevation

Generally, you would photograph from an eye-level. But it is a better idea to move the camera either up or down. This might make it difficult for you to see the viewfinder. But if you have an LCD screen in your camera, then it might be helpful. In such case, you can hold the camera high above your head or ground and see everything. This technique is very useful when you are photographing animals or kids.

Take photos in full resolution and quality

You should always take photos in full resolution and quality. If you need to send the file via email, reduce the size on your computer using one of the standard photo management software. But don’t drop the quality while taking the photo. Taking photo in low resolution and quality can only reduce your saving time, nothing else. If your camera has a RAW format, use it.

As an amateur photographer, you should read many photography books and magazines in order to learn more about photography. If you get the chance, try to learn photography from an expert. Both theoretical and practical knowledge are necessary in order to become a good photographer.